The making of an empire

First and foremost, allow me to thank you Beloveds, for embarking on this journey with me.

Many of you have no idea who I am, others may be vaguely familiar with my work, while others still have immersed themselves in my programs, blogs, books and instructional series over the last decade.

In order to affectively address the vast spectrum of readers, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Iscis Malone – writer, speaker, activist, lady boss, legacy builder, communal maverick, and mom.

I’m a daughter, sister and friend. I share many of the same titles, roles, values and beliefs as my counterparts the world over, especially those African descent and particularly those residing in the Americas.

This blog is a professional platform for something very personal. Here I will discuss my endeavors – old and new – surrounding family planning and preservation as well as legacy development. Together with others in the field, I’ll investigate issues plaguing the American family structure and offer resolutionary (revolutionary solutions) suggestions for long-term resolve.

I will discuss what it means “to legacy” – to honor our elders and lay an adequate foundation for our youth while simultaneously staying present and living out our purposes. Together, we will assess the general welfare of our society and consider the consequences of continually allowing our leaders to overlook and dismiss the family’s role as an indispensable social structure; critical to the development and sustainability of any great nation.

Ultimately, my hope in starting this blog is not merely to find more followers to subscribe to my articles and agree with my points or consider my suggestions. But rather, my goal in starting this forum is to find leaders. To attract other like-minded individuals and groups with a passion for building communities and strengthening our nation by serving the families that comprise them. To educate and inform the public that we all share in a royal birthright; a gift so precious that it should not be acquiesced for mere things, but should instead be invested in, nurtured and groomed so that it might be inherited for generations to come…a royal legacy.

Do you have what it takes? I’d like to think so.

I look forward to seeing what you’re made of as we continue to work and play together. With humility, peace and love.

Your sister in Spirit,

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