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Hi! I’m Akima A. Brown; a neurodiverse creative, consultant, and family care advocateFor more than 20 years, I’ve worked to share stories, statistics, and strategies to help create access solutions for those traditionally excluded from opportunities for personal and/or professional advancement. 

These experiences — and my “neuro-spicy” cognitive processing — have enhanced my propensity for systems thinking and futures studies, which have been integral in my ability to design long-lasting, positive change for my clients. Whether bringing diverse characters to the screen or bargaining better benefits for working parent-artists, I do so with the understanding that empathy and community (or the lack thereof) are key indicators of success.

I’d love to collaborate with you and curate an experience that exudes excellence as we stride towards success. If that interests you and you want to center care in the process, contact me today.

And just what is “centering care”?

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Ready to build transformative solutions
for yourself, your business, or your organization?

Whether crafting narrativesproviding consultations, or advocating for working families, I’ll help you unlocked the untapped, overlooked, and/or underutilized assets that will ensure success and maximize impact for you and your team. 

I’ll show you how my “creative queries” have helped clients around the world achieve their goals
110% faster than planned more than 98% of the time — all while providing everyone “what they need to succeed” along the way.

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