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Gray Scopes is a moniker dubbed by Akima and friends nearly two decades ago when a freak accident stripped Akima’s cornea from her eye, leaving her with impaired, monochrome vision for months. During that time, Akima — heavily reliant on poorly implemented accommodative resources and support — couldn’t help but wonder why things were run this way. Having previously worked with the blind and visually impaired, she often served as an advocate for her peers; however, this new infirmity offered insight to nuances her friends had never shared.  It was here that a love of systems thinking and universal design were born.

Since then, Akima has grown into an artist, activist, entrepreneur, and public speaker whose work centers around helping individuals and entities create generative systems that integrate best practices for equity, inclusion, and belonging. She has spent more than 15 years exploring how reimagining power, identity, and accessibility can dismantle “isms” and marginalization.

Thus, Gray Scopes Solutions.

Gray Scopes prides itself on “seeing things differently”. Much like the healing and recovery process needed to restore Akima’s sight all those years ago, Gray Scopes is committed to the process of helping our clients restore, and actualize, their visions. And just as that debilitative injury has since been reframed and repurposed to empower, we teach our clients how to leverage their own pain points and take informed, inspired action. 

Our unique inquiry-based approach has helped hundreds of individuals and entities, across the country and around the world, to bridge the gaps between their current conditions and  most desired outcomes.  With a curiosity, not confined by qualitative boundaries, we readily and regularly entwine theoretical, empirical, and creative elements.  This methodology of bringing together seemingly opposing attributes into a cohesive and complementary whole is what has permitted us to repeatedly guide our clients to develop and implement the kinds of durable systems and satisfying solutions that they, both, desire and deserve,

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