Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As a multipassionate socialpreneur people often have questions about the work I’m doing, how I’m doing it, and why.
Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below.

The term multi-passionate literally refers to “one possessing many passions”.  In that same vein, a socialpreneur is one who seeks to benefit the public via a for-profit company (often known as social enterprises).  

So when you put them together, multipassionate + socialpreneur = ME.

* Quick sidebar — If you are a multipassionate person, you’ve likely found that some try to refer to you as “scattered”,  “disjointed”, or all over the place.  History shows us, however, that multipassionate people are pioneers of change; they live on the cusp of innovation and are often the first to usher in new eras. If you’re currently frustrated by your multiple passions, just know that your cusp just hasn’t come yet.

The short answer to this is: I only do one thing; I teach. I just do it many different ways.

Because people absorb and process information very differently, I tailor my content to reach a wide variety of folks. For instance, the person who reads my books may never listen to a podcast. The person listening to my podcast may never attend a conference. The person attending a conference might never see my films.

Likewise, I have found that the same people often learn different things in different ways. By giving them a variety of styles to choose from they have a multitude of ways to acquire and apply the information.

So in the end, I’m your typical teacher. Well-being and advocacy are my content areas and the globe is my classroom. ^_^

Intuitive impact is the concept of spiritually-aligned activism. It is the process of doing good without the pretense of ego. 

An intuitive impactor emphasizes their personal journey before all else because they know that their self-actualization, pleasure, and fulfillment is tantamount to how they show up, make way, and hold space for others when facilitating community reform and social transformation.

Presently, my team and I are working to link all of my content and offerings to the website.
For now, almost everything you need can be found on my Portfolio page.

Still don’t see what you’re looking for?  Feel free to reach out.