As a multipassionate socialpreneur people often have questions about the work I’m doing, how I’m doing it, and why.
Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What is a QOLA?

A QOLA is a “quality of life advocate”. It’s a term I’ve coined because I think it helps differentiate my work from much of the coaching and consulting practices taking place today. Whereas coaches are typically committed to internal effects on external circumstances, and consultants tend to focus on translating external variables for individual or communal advancement, my work is bilateral.

I look internally, I look externally, and I do the work to bring both into harmony for the best possible outcome. It’s always a symbiotic, cross-functional process.

What makes you “The QOLA Queen”?

I made it. I named it. I am what I am. I’m the original quality of life advocate; an advocacy queen. Put them together: quality of life + advocacy queen = QOLA Queen. I’m it!

What is a multi-passionate socialpreneur?

Multi-passionate (one possessing multiple, equally compelling, passions) + socialpreneur (someone who seeks to meet a public need while still turning a profit) = ME.

Though I have always had, and continue to pursue, multiple passions (i.e., arts, technology, education), they all fuel a single purpose: helping people to heal and foster a global community.

Why do you do so may different things? Just find a niche!

The short answer to this is: I only do one thing; I teach. I just do it many different ways.

Because people absorb and process information very differently, I tailor my content to reach a wide variety of folks. For instance, the person who reads my books may never listen to a podcast. The person listening to my podcast may never attend a conference. The person attending a conference might never see my films.

Likewise, I have found that the same people often learn different things in different ways. By giving them a variety of styles to choose from they have a multitude of ways to acquire and apply the information.

So in the end, I’m your typical teacher. Well-being and advocacy are my content areas and the globe is my classroom. ^_^

How can I purchase a book, attend a workshop, or hear one of your podcasts?

Presently, my team and I are working to link all of my content and offerings to the website. Links to books and podcasts can be found throughout the site and on the About Me page.

My first book, The Princess Protocol (written under a pen name), is listed on Amazon.

Throughout 2020, I’ll be promoting my #2020Vision Campaign with a series of online courses, workshops, and interactive series.

I promise that we are working hard to ensure the content we produce is top-notch, so please bear with us as we get it all polished and publicized (and let us know if we missed the mark). 😉

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