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Hey there Legacy Leaders,

Happy New Year!  We’ve taken a bit of a break to revamp our look and our message to make sure we’re giving you the best, most authentic, genuine, unfiltered (BS-less) version of ourselves.

In short, it’s time for a change. And we are exactly less than 30 days away from it.

In fact, one major change you’ll notice are the new names at the end of your posts.  We’ll be inviting expert bloggers and speakers to guest post.  And I, Akima Aiken Brown – aka Miss A.B. – will be taking over for our beloved Iscis Malone (also me).

I was never unclear that Mz. Malone was a pen name I chose long ago to protect the identities of loved ones – and not so loved ones – in the retelling of my life’s story. But, thanks to awesome legal eagles, I can finally be very public about what’s very private. So look forward to lots of that.

There will also be some minor changes to our format.  I promise it won’t hurt… much.

Come V-Day, our posts will include a little end note I like to call “The Family Factor”.

For all that Project Legacy does online, it is still unclear to many people how the encouragement and insight offered pertains to family life.

Isn’t this just general encouragement and inspiration for the any man (and woman)?

Not quite.

Yes, it’s true that I have been known to encourage the masses a time or two. But family health and wellness is kinda my thing. It’s everything. And from now on, I want to be sure you know it.

So, yes, there will still be concepts from which you and yours can benefit, but each piece will also include actionable steps you can take in the here and now. Rather than imply how the tools, resources and information I pass on with these posts can be applied to building your best family – I will spell it out.

Whether you’re starting a family or already have one; a new parent, expecting, an empty-nester or rearing other people’s children; if you’re single and looking to learn about building a family before you have one, or dissolving one and want to learn how to rebuild on a strong foundation – this blog’s for you.

My goal at Project Legacy – especially with the Family Factor blog/newsletter, is to reach far and wide; to get people thinking about family structure before they have one. Consider how much time and effort we put into buying a car or researching a prospective employer.  If we put the same amount of effort into developing our relationships – particularly the ones that take place in our homes – imagine how different our lives could be.

Imagine how different our world could be.

So… “The Family Factor”.

Together, we’ll focus on building, fortifying and preserving strong families. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to learn more about The Family Factor  and our pre-launch V-Day campaign #thelovetolead.

To big lives and lasting legacies,

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