Hi there, I’m Akima A. Brown. On behalf of myself and my team, welcome to our site.

Feel free to venture through the site to learn more about me and about my work. My number one desire in life is to be a “bridge builder”; to help people become the best version on themselves and increase their quality of life (QOL). However, I wouldn’t call myself a coach or even a consultant; I’m a quality of life advocate (QOLA… also known as The QOLA Queen).

One thing you’ll likely notice right away is that my endeavors take place in various forms across a multitude of mediums: books, scripts, public speaking engagements, workshops, etc. But in truth, it’s all rooted in one purpose: bringing more light to the world.

My Pillars & Platforms


To learn new exciting things that broaden my scope and share that information with the world.


To lead others to becoming the most authentic, genuine, purpose-fulfilling version of themselves.


To create a world that invokes, cultivates, and sustains the epic greatness of its people.