About Me

Akima A. Brown

Akima A. Brown is a multi-passionate creative, neurodivergent teacher, lifelong learner, and serial socialpreneur. She is an avid emergent studies enthusiast and dedicated futures strategist. Her fixation with understanding the human experience is tantamount to her life’s work; consuming anecdotal and empirical data to incite individuals’ personal growth and foster corporal change. Her distinctive neuro-function makes her a master strategist and preemptive problem solver.

Growing up in Queens, New York at the heart of the Pan-Africanist Hip Hop Movement,  she developed an unwavering love for generative leadership —  creating systems that leave our society better than we found it — before ever knowing what it was called. Having seen firsthand how many of her favorite artists and role models contributed to the community, she has long held that arts, advocacy, and public service can (and should) be symbiotic.

Akima’s myriad experiences — personal and professional — inspired her to develop the “Intuitive Impact Matrix”; an inquiry-based methodology for getting her clients from concepts and planning to effective practice with speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. Coupled with her core principles (love, learn, lead, and legacy), the matrix has proven to be an invaluable tool; aiding in the facilitation of creative development and growth design for hundreds of individuals, businesses, and organizations around the world.

Current Projects