The Path

Akima A. Brown is a multi-passionate creative, teacher, and entrepreneur. She is an avid emergent studies enthusiast and dedicated futures strategist. Her fixation with understanding the human experience is tantamount to her life’s work; consuming anecdotal and empirical data to incite personal growth and foster corporal change.

Her early exposure to the Pan-Africanist Hip Hop Movement sparked an enduring love for creativity and community, and inspired her to study the correlations between self-actualization and the common good.  Since then, her experiences and beliefs have led to the development of a philosophy she calls “intuitive impact”. 

What differentiates intuitive impact from many of its contemporary counterparts is its premise that spirituality and self-actualization are the crux of all positive social reform. This concept, coupled with Akima’s core principles and the application of harm reduction theory, have enabled Akima to broker changes for hundreds of individuals, businesses, and organizations all over the world. 

The Principles

  1. Love is something  you do not what you feel. It is a conscious choice that requires deliberate, consistent acts of consideration and empathy.
  2. When we choose to love, we are also choosing to learnslowing down, observing, and asking clarifying questions in an effort to connect
  3. The more we learn, the more we realize we dislike. The key is doing something to make it better. Once we learn, then we lead
  4. Legacy is what happens when you respect what was, acknowledging what is, and working towards what can be — then sharing that with others. This goes beyond leadership in that you are no longer only galvanizing people around your mission, but helping them to find theirs.
No matter where you find yourself in this journey, it is my belief that everything begins with and builds these principles. 
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